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  Hey all,
  New here to the whole LJ thing, but thought I might hit the ground running here with the formative beginnings (which means discussion) of a workshop I've been asked to create for my local community.
    My path is most definitely NOT Wiccan, nor any kind of new age "neopagan" (gods, I hate that term...but that's a different topic) "eclectic". My path is fairly shamanic in nature, and, as some would say, of a slightly more "left-handed" variety. My personal interpretation (or shortening) of "Men's and Women's Mysteries", while basically accurate, is found by many Wiccans (or eclectic wiccans) to be somewhat "offensive". I do, however, desire for all of my students to put some serious effort into their shadow work, and am willing to go to some "interesting" places to help them deal their issues. No, I don't agree with the twits who would try to have you deal with your shadow self via a short "guided meditation or workshop" where you look at your anger/shame/fear/anguish and say "I see you and I forgive you/myself" and that's supposed to be the end of it. Really dealing with ones issues, the "shadow work", is NEVER that bloody simple.
    So, after our local Samhain festival was finished the other weekend, it was suggested that I lead "Men's Mysteries" next year with a rather...touchy..subject: 
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Chris / Grynner
 That Memphis Guy

4th-Aug-2009 01:24 pm - Sacred sites in the city.
Geek Eye, Code Eye
I'm going to be working on a replacement for http://urbanpaganism.info/ over the next couple of weeks. It's going to involve using Google Maps to plot out and discuss 'sacred sites' in urban locations.

Before I really get started I'd just like to ask for some sacred sites from different cities so I've got some 'seed data' to work with. I know of a few in Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland, but it would be really nice to have more than just that to work with.

Addresses or links to Google Maps (or any maps, really) are fine, and a wee note about the site would be awesome.

Also, any suggestions about what you'd like to see on such a site would be great.

20th-Jul-2009 02:06 am - A simple reminder.
Blue Eye
A simple reminder as there's always some people who are too simple to understand otherwise.

The name of the community is tongue-in-cheek. It's a JOKE. The community is specifically about urban Paganism. This will mean there's some overlap with, for example, technopaganism, but not everything about technology is appropriate. Just because you think it's 'unnatural' doesn't mean it's on-topic. Read the community profile before posting, it's pretty explicit there. If you don't, don't cry because your post gets deleted, because that's just sad. I mean, it's funny for me, but sad for you.

Oh, and just because your personal Pagan path involves X and you live in a city doesn't make X on-topic. Just before someone tries that. :op

On a nicer note, I am going to start work on the new website, just as soon as I can figure out how to do test-driven development with javascript in a Rails application. It should be ace, and possibly actually useful!
25th-Apr-2009 12:35 am - Web stuff.
Geek Eye, Code Eye
When I set up this community I also registered urbanpaganism.info. At the moment there's just a wiki there that was never used, but I'm planning to wipe that and replace it with something a bit more interesting and useful.

There'll be more on that in a later post.

In the meantime, I've been playing around with some image manipulation libraries and knocked this up: http://divination.urbanpaganism.info

It generates a pseudo-random image using text you enter as the seed for the random number generator. What this means is that the randomness is based off of your text, and (at the moment, at least) if you enter the same text twice you'll get the same image again.

I figure this image might be useful for divination or as a focus for stuff. Or it might be useless. Try it out and let me know.
28th-Feb-2008 03:37 pm - Ostara
Blue Flutterbies
I'm new to the community, and am looking for some ideas. 

With March starting on Saturday a lot of the blogs I read have been making posts about Ostara on March 22.  I've been reading the rituals and the prayers and have run across a few small things I'd like to incorporate but nothing that really jumped out at me as it all seems a bit fluffy.  So I was thinking this community might be a good place to ask what you are planning to do to celebrate Ostara.  

A friend that has common pagan interests and I talked about freshening up her garden and I was thinking since I don't have a garden I'd do a little potted flower-scaping for my front door.  Other than that I figured we might incorporate some spring veggies for a nice meal and a nice wine. :)  Just wanting to welcome the spring back into our lives a bit. 

Your thoughts, ideas or suggestions? 
Date:  September 7th, 2007
Time:  6pm-sundown
Where:  Ann Arbor, Michigan
OK, more specifically:  Island Drive Park, 1450 Island Park Drive (Ann Arbor), in the vicinity of the "Classical revival" shelter
Other Info:  If you need a ride or have room in your car to offer, please feel free to use the ride-board--
Just make sure to either leave your e-mail or leave the Private Message option "on" when you sign up so that other people will know how to contact you.

Since this one is for the post-Labour Day weekend, we've decided to make it a picnic — B.Y.O.B., though we really won't care if you bring something big enough to share.

This is what the shelter looks like: http://www.ci.ann-arbor.mi.us/CommunityServices/Parks/images/Island_classic1.jpg
...though I should point out that the side in the photo is facing the water.  This shelter is entered from the back.

If, for some reason, the weather is bad, we can take everything to my place, but let's still meet up at the park to convoy.

Just like the August meet-n-greet, this is very informal, just so that we can all meet each-other and (hopefully) discuss potential group rituals for the future.


Since there are grills and tables outside the shelter, there really is no need to rent this one, but the chances of it being used are rather slim (since it's after Labour Day).  (Though for future rituals, I *do* want to rent it.)

I'm five feet even (well, just a hair under), fat (no sense in sugar-coating it), have white hair, glasses, and will be wearing a "Here Comes A Special Boy" t-shirt and jeans.  If the weather drops below 75, I'll have my old Retail Slut jacket.  Trust me, I'm hard to miss.

-- RJ

"It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless
-- Oscar Wilde

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23rd-Jul-2007 09:06 pm - Pagan Pride Fundraiser at Magus Books
Sunday, August 5th from 12-6

Art sale and "Psychic Fair"

Magus Books is sponsoring a fundraiser for Twin Cities Pagan pride.

This is the last fundraising event before the the Pagan Pride festival September 29-30. It's a 2 day event this year and we want to make it a memorable one so come on out to Magus Books and help support Twin Cities Pagain Pride! We will be selling gorgeous pottery and other donated art from local artisans. Or get a tarot reading or numerology chart.

All proceeds go to making this year's Pagan Pride the best one ever!
20th-Jul-2007 02:46 pm - Hi there! Newly joined member here.
Hiya folks. I'm a pagan based out of the Philly area who could be called eclectic at the best of times and crazy at the worst. I just recently started this LiveJournal as a place to conduct my research into the old religions and how they are affected by modern science and technological advances. Many a pagan have regarded me with disdain for suggesting that there is magic in technology and synthetic materials such as polymers, alloys and plastics, and outright hostility for suggesting that science does indeed have a place in religion and the two don't need to be separated.

What I'm looking for is open-minded people to friend me and help me conduct this research by providing me with valuable opinions and insights into the topics discussed on my journal. If I find enough people interested in this sort of "pagan science" if you will (a very loose term) I'll most likely make a community that will act as an open forum for debate and intellectual discussion. As this community seems to have some of my own interests at heart, I thought I'd give a shout-out and see if anyone out there is interested. Thank you!
22nd-May-2007 08:43 am - Aren't cities "earth based"?
bucky dear lj
I have to try to make this quick, (yet hopefully coherent) as I'm leaving for work in a few minutes.  If any discussion arises, I'll add further thoughts in the comments. 

I read this article this morning with a fair amount of disdain.  http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=ustn&c=words&id=11420
It got me to thinking, once again, what is meant by "earth based" and "nature".  What is so unnatural about man, that things made by man are considered unnatural?  (I realize I'm preaching to the choir here, so to speak)  Aren't we, by the very nature of being human, earth based?  Why is the countryside considered so much more "in tune" with nature than our urban constructs?  I found it somewhat ironic that the author mentioned fences in the countryside several times in his essay, considering the fences did not grow there by themselves.  Fences are symbols of possession by humans, to trap critters within their boundaries and keep tresspassers out.  To define the boundaries of habitation and ownership.  Doesn't sound very "pagan" (by the way the author seems to define "pagan") to me.  How the author defines the word "pagan" is a whole nuther topic, one we can (and do) beat to death and isn't really the point of my post.

I guess I just see the term "earth based" as a bit odd, since the city I live in is earth based.  My home is based on the earth, and was made by people, who were born and die on earth.  Most of us never get very far away from earth, I sure spend a great deal of time here.  Again with the natural... my computer was made by peoples, and to my knowledge, those peoples are as carbon based as the great stag in the woods.  What makes this tool that I use any less natural than the plow or the scythe used by my agrarian ancestors? 

I see nothing wrong with worshipping the earth and revering the wilds, I think they're pretty cool.  I like to camp, and wander in the woods n' stuff, but it doesn't make me any more or less spiritual than anything I do in the confines of my house in the city, or in my car on the expressway.  It seems to me that these folks feel that it is impossible to find the Divine in man and the constructs of man, which just seems contradictory to me.  Did my afore mentioned agrarian ancestors go out in incliment weather if they didn't have to, just to "connect with teh goddess"?  I seriously doubt it.  I imagine, that like the rest of us, they made good use of their manmade structures to stay safe and warm and dry as much as possible. 

Maybe I'm missing the point.  I can appreciate the things that spring from the earth with no help from mankind, and I can do my part to try to not damage the ecosystem that sustains us.  It seems the responsible "human" thing to not, ummm, crap where I sleep, so to speak.  But that's common sense, not "paganism" or "spirituality".  I also know plenty of eco-freaks that aren't pagan by any stretch of the imagination.  I resent the idea that if I don't go out and get rained on (or heat exhaustion, as I live in the desert) that I'm less "Pagan" or less spiritual.  I dismiss the idea that I can't connect with divinity where ever I am, even if I happened to travel to space in an unnatural space ship.  (can't get much less "earth based" than that!) In fact, I think I might get a whole new appreciation for the divine were I to find myself in outerspace. 
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